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2012-04-25 - 0:58:41
Fruzsina Varga, Email, Web Site
Imre is the VERY BEST teacher and driver of ALL!!! His dedication, kindness and patience is endless and I HIGHLY recommend him to any foreign person. He WILL make you succeed for sure!!!

2011-07-18 - 18:00:18
kiluwa abrahams joseph, Email, Web Site
HELLO. This abraham . i am a man who live in budapest i would like to start a dring school in your school. i readed all the instraction from the website. so i will call you and meet till then good day

2010-08-23 - 17:31:14
promosyon, Email, Web Site

2010-07-24 - 12:32:35
sac ekimi, Email, Web Site

2009-07-03 - 15:17:30
Nicolas Verstraeten, Email, Web Site
Imre is a great teacher;clear, funny, informed and doesn't lose his patience. He makes the whole process amusing and he will thoroughly teach you how to drive. You couldn't ask for a better driving teacher. Thanks again!

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