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2009-05-19 - 16:02:44
Nadja Loginovskaya, Email, Web Site
I should admit, that Imre is the BEST - Backing, Enthusiastic, Supporting Teacher, who truly knows what every student need to be not a Lazy Snail, but a the Best Driver all over the world :) I am a blooming future to this school.

2009-04-14 - 20:23:33
Anonymous, Email, Web Site
Hello everyboy, I have passed all exams with Imre, who is a pleasant and indulgent guy is always eager to help you.He will give you all required information at the appropriate time and a firm and fundamental basis about handling a car!

2008-11-13 - 19:47:54
Beata Pongi, Email, Web Site
1. I passed the all exams (all together 4-aid, teory, routine and on the road).2. Imre is a great and patient teacher :-) 3. I honestly recommend HIM and HIS school for everybody and every Nationality (I am Polish).

2008-08-23 - 20:00:33
Anonymous, Email, Web Site
I would strongly recommend "D s Trsa" driving school to anyone who wishes to obtain a licence in Hungary. Imre is clear and strict, which are two extremely essential features for a driving teacher. A student will learn to drive properly with Imre.

2008-08-07 - 2:34:47
Anonymous, Email, Web Site

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