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D. & Co. Driving School

has been teaching youngers longing for getting their driving licence for more than 18 years. Up to now more than thousand students learned and got their licence in our driving school.

Our fundamental principle is quality in teaching and we stick to our guns. After their successful exams our students drive in the traffic confidently and independently from the beginning. Due to the high quality teaching more of our students pass their Driving in Traffic exam first time than the average number.

For those students who do not speak Hungarian as their tongue, we give English and Russian lessons - if necessary.

Manager of Driving school:               Imre DEMÉNY

Telephone:                                      06-30-9 315 915


Our e-mail address:                         imre.driving@gmail.com


Supervisory authority of the Driving School:

                                 National Transport Authority

                                 address: Budapest district 11. street 39 Petzvál József

                                 telephone: 06-1-3713030


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